Mandatory Sentencing for Child Sex Offences

Minister for Children
Mandatory Sentencing for Child Sex Offences
Wednesday 3 May 2017


Mr BROOKS question to MINISTER for HUMAN SERVICES, Mrs PETRUSMA [10.50 a.m.]

Can the minister please update the House on the Government’s progress in fulfilling the Hodgman Liberal Government’s election commitment to legislate for minimum mandatory sentences for those convicted of serious sexual offences against children?

ANSWER Madam Speaker, I thank the member for Braddon for his question and ongoing interest in this important area of law reform. Sexual offences against children are particular heinous and must be condemned in the strongest terms. It is imperative that sentences imposed by the courts in relation to this type of offence are proportionate with the gravity of the crime committed and reflect the strong condemnation felt by the Tasmanian community. Read More

Adjournment – Youth At Risk Strategy

Member for Franklin
23 August 2016 [6.13 p.m.]

Mrs PETRUSMA (Franklin – Minister for Human Services) – Madam Speaker, I  rise this evening to provide an update on the important work being done by  the Department of Health and Human Services with the development of a  youth at risk strategy.

Sadly, many of the young people who end up engaged in our Youth Justice  Services come from backgrounds of significant trauma and have experienced  numerous system failures. That is why help, support and guidance for  parents and extended families is also particularly important and must come  from many parts of our community, whether from neighbours, schools,  medical practitioners, community service providers, as well as from many  government agencies. Read More

Ashley Youth Detention Centre

Minister for Human Services
Ashley Youth Detention Centre
06 April 2016 [10.55a.m.]

QUESTION:  Can the minister provide the House with an update on what is being done to  provide a therapeutic response at Ashley Youth Detention Centre?

ANSWER:  Madam Speaker, I thank the member for her interest and her question on  this matter. Detention for young people should only be used as a place of  last resort. That is why our new youth portfolio has a strong focus on  youth at risk and community youth justice responses to young people in  trouble alongside a dedicated youth detention capability. Read More

Women On Boards Strategy – Update

Minister for Women
Women On Boards Strategy – Update
Tuesday 8 March 2016 [5.54 p.m.]

QUESTION:  Can the minister give an update to the House on the Women on Boards Strategy?

ANSWER:  Madam Speaker, I thank the member for Braddon for her question. It is very timely on International Women’s Day. The Hodgman Liberal Government is working hard to get more women into leadership positions and to change attitudes and beliefs. Increasing the number of women on boards is an important step to reducing disadvantage and improving democratic governance. Research demonstrates a direct correlation between improved performance and financial outcomes in boards that have higher numbers of women members. Read More

Autism Support

Minister for Human Services
Autism Support
22 September, 2015


[10.52 a.m.]

Can the Minister outline how the Hodgman Liberal Government is improving support for people, especially children, living with autism?


Madam Speaker, this Government is providing a significant investment of $1 million over four years to develop a long term strategy for improved care for people living with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.  We are committed to ensuring that all Tasmanians living with ASD have every opportunity to be supported, to reach their goals and their full potential. Read More

Out-of-Home Care

Minister for Human Services
Out-of-Home Care
04 June, 2015


[11.02 a.m.]

Can the minister explain how the current reform of the out-of-home care system will improve outcomes for children and young people in the care of the state?


Madam Speaker, reform of Tasmania’s out-of-home care system is long overdue.  We all know that the ideal place for a child or young person to be raised is within their family of origin or the extended family.  However, at times it may not be possible for a family to adequately meet their child’s needs.  If extended family or friends are unable to assist then the state has the statutory responsibility of ensuring the safety of the child or young person.  This may involve placing the child or young person with other family members or in an out-of-care service, usually foster, kinship or residential care. Read More

Response to Premier’s State of the State Address

Response to Premier’s State of the State Address
5 March, 2015

Mr Deputy Speaker, I rise to support the Premier’s Address.  We are approaching our first year of government and what a year it has been.  Returning to government after 16 years in opposition has been an absolute privilege and an honour.  As a united and focused team we are working hard every day in delivering our long-term plan for Tasmania.  While there is still a long way to go, Tasmania is now headed in the right direction.  Tasmania is open for business, confidence has returned, our economy is growing, the unemployment rate is down, nearly 7 000 new jobs have been created since the election, we are on track to fix the Budget, and we have commenced the task of rebuilding essential human services. Read More

Final Report Abuse in State Care

Final Report Abuse in State Care
6 November, 2014

[10.54 a.m.]

Madam Speaker, I thank the member for her question as well as her compassion and commitment to children in this state. The final report for the Tasmanian claims of abuse in state care program will today be released, highlighting both the courage of individuals who shared their stories and our tripartisan commitment of past and present Tasmanian governments and members of parliament to support victims of abuse in state care.

Read More

Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety

6 November 2014

[6.00 p.m.]

Mrs PETRUSMA (Franklin – Minister for Human Services) – Madam Speaker, I rise tonight to speak about an exciting initiative that the Government is involved in – to tackle the scourge of domestic and family violence which is widespread in Australia. The Government has united with the Commonwealth and other states and territories to jointly fund Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety or ANROWS, Australia’s only independent national research organisation for women’s safety. Read More

First Speech for this the 48th Sitting of Tasmania’s Parliament

27 May 2014

Madam Speaker, I congratulate all members of this House on their election and re-election on 15 March.  All here, whether Liberal, Labor or Greens, have worked exceptionally hard for the privilege of being in this Chamber today.

It is a real privilege and honour to stand here as an elected Liberal member for Franklin for a second term.  I feel especially humbled, as I know from the feedback I have received since the election that many of the people who voted for me either voted Liberal for the first time or for the first time in 16 years, and I want to thank them today for their vote of confidence in both me and in the Liberal Party.  I do not take their vote confidence lightly and intend to prove to my electorate that I am once again worthy of their support and trust.  Read More