Minister for Disability Services and Community Development

Celebrating International Day of People with Disability with the Young Leaders of Tasmania

Monday, 3 December 2018


Today, we acknowledge International Day of People with Disability – an opportunity to raise awareness and to celebrate the many contributions people with disability make in our community.

This year’s theme is empowering people with disability and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.

The Hodgman Liberal Majority Government is fully committed to working in close partnership with people with disability, their families, carers, disability providers and the wider community to build a more equitable, inclusive and accessible state that empowers all Tasmanian.

The Government is a strong supporter of the NDIS – it is a once in a lifetime reform that will help to ensure a more equal and inclusive Tasmania.

We are providing $878 million over the next four years for the NDIS, and in addition to the NDIS, Accessible Island: Tasmania’s Disability Framework for Action 2018-2021, sets out further what the Tasmanian Government will do to help people with disability to be included and empowered to participate equally in all aspects of our community life over the next four years.

Over the next three years, we are also providing an extra $20 million for more inclusive disability housing, as well as an additional $600,000 to National Disability Services to assist service providers under the NDIS.

The Government is also investing in early diagnostic services, by providing $300,000 for the early detection and diagnosis of autism, along with $150,000 for the Autism Cooperative Research Centre to ensure Tasmania stays at the forefront of autism research. Plus, there is an extra $150,000 for more inclusive disability sports.

On this significant day, I want to thank all Tasmanian’s for the part they play in making Tasmania a great place for people living with disability to live.

This includes the Young Leaders of Tasmania Program (YLOT), which today had their Graduation Ceremony at the Southern Support School in Howrah for 27 students.

The Government has committed $247,500 to YLOT over three years to assist with the ongoing provision of this important program.

YLOT’s mission is for every Tasmanian student at both mainstream and support schools to reach their full potential. The main objectives of the Young Leaders of Tasmania program is to create awareness and understanding of disability, to strengthen community ties, and to increase workforce participation and career aspirations in the disability sector for young Tasmanians.

Students participate in events and presentations within their school and broader community in order to help others understand values of diversity, effective decision-making, supporting others and how all members of the community benefit society.

Together, we can look forward to continued improvements, more success stories and a more inclusive, empowered and equal Tasmania.