Operation Safe Arrival launches

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Operation Safe Arrival launches

20 December 2021

Tasmanians are reminded to keep themselves, their families and the community safe on our roads this festive season, with Operation Safe Arrival launching this week.

Operation Safe Arrival is running from Thursday, 23 December to Sunday, 2 January, and aims to encourage Tasmanians to drive to the conditions, wear a seatbelt, rest if they are tired and keep their hands off their phones.

Police will be out in force targeting known hotspots for unsafe road behaviour, patrolling main roads, highways, and alternative routes out of towns and cities. Police will also be targeting back streets, rural roads, and entertainment districts.

With borders now open, this holiday period will be one of the busiest on Tasmanian roads with additional cars, caravans, boats and trailers, making it even more important to follow the rules and obey the speed limits.

Sadly, last year we had one person killed on our roads and nine people injured in crashes over the festive season.

This year, I urge all Tasmanians to take extra care on our roads to ensure everyone can enjoy a safe holiday period.

It is always better to arrive safe and late rather than not at all.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to keeping Tasmanians safe, and any death on our roads this holiday season is one too many.