Minister for Human Services
Brain Injury Awareness Week 2017
17 August, 2017

Madam Speaker, I give notice that on tomorrow I shall move that this House notes that:

  1. Monday 21 August to Sunday 27 August marks Brain Injury Awareness Week, which plays an important role in promoting the awareness and reducing the incidence of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), while also providing opportunities to celebrate the many contributions people with ABI make to our community.
  2. Acquired Brain Injury is a complex disorder that refers to any type of brain damage or neurological disruption occurring after birth. ABI is also a common but hidden disability in the community with the World Health Organisation reporting it affects more than 1.6 million Australians, or one in 12.
  3. The theme for 2017 is Brain Injury in the Military. Brain injury is referred to as the ‘signature injury’ of the wars in the Middle East.
  4. 1 in every 10 Australian Defence Force personnel who has served in the Middle East “reported the criteria for a new mild Traumatic Brain Injury” post-deployment. This is why 2017’s national Awareness Week is being devoted to advancing the recognition of brain injury in the military.
  5. Brain Injury Awareness Week also allows us to recognise the many organisations around Tasmania who do wonderful work in providing awareness, support and practical help to people living with an ABI in our community.
  6. To support Brain Injury Awareness Week, more information can be found at