Horsetail Falls Track improvements go ahead on the West Coast

Minister for Parks

Horsetail Falls Track improvements go ahead on the West Coast

23 July 2021

The popular Horsetail Falls Track walk near Queenstown will be extended following the signing of a grant deed between the Tasmanian Government and the West Coast Council.

This $600,000 investment delivers on our election commitment to deliver the second stage of the track to add to the short walk offerings in the area.

Nature-based tourism assets like these ensure we can showcase these beautiful places to visitors and locals alike, and provide a boost to the local economy.

The current 1.2 km track currently takes walkers to a viewing point of the 50-metre waterfall on the lower slopes of Mount Owen, with beautiful mountain views along the way.

The new extension will soon take walkers to a viewing platform on top of the falls offering an exciting and alternative view of the falls.

Importantly, like the current walk, the new walk will be suitable for those with no bushwalking experience to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the experience.

Our 2021 election commitments build on the existing pipeline of capital works in our National Parks and Reserves, and takes our total investment to over $122 million since 2018.

These investments demonstrate the critical value that we place in our parks and their contribution to the Tasmanian economy and our way of life.

New vessel to assist Parks on Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River

Minister for Parks

New vessel to assist Parks on Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River

15 July 2021

I am honoured today to officially launch the new Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) vessel, named Yula, which is the Tasmanian Aboriginal word for shearwater, or moonbird, a well-known bird in our State.

The Yula is an eight metre catamaran with the ability to operate in adverse weather conditions within Macquarie Harbour and on the Gordon River on the West Coast. It will replace the current Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) vessel, Shearwater.

The Yula will allow PWS staff to perform essential maintenance at key visitor sites within the harbour and within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area – some of which are only accessible by boat including Heritage Landing, Sir John Falls and Sarah Island.

The Yula, funded through park entry fees, will provide additional reliability and safety for PWS staff, with improved comfort for longer trips, reducing fatigue of operators and passengers.

Like the Shearwater, the new vessel is expected to support the important work of researchers, scientists and Wildcare volunteer programs, and will be available to support search and rescue operations as required.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government appreciates that our national parks and reserves support many tourism and other businesses throughout the State, particularly in our regional areas, and assets like the Yula are critical to the work that is done by our dedicated PWS staff.

Police Radio Dispatch and Combined Emergency Services Training Centre officially opened

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Police Radio Dispatch and Combined Emergency Services Training Centre officially opened

13 July 2021

Tasmania Police’s new $2 million Radio Dispatch Centre has been officially opened as part of the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s plan to keep Tasmanians safe.

The RDS processes on average over 1500 emergency and inquiry calls a day, and had occupied the same workspace for more than 30 years since the original opening in July 1990.

We want to be able to provide our hard-working and high-quality RDS staff with best-practice technology and equipment and the new upgrade allows us to do that.

Funding was supplied via our $567 million TasGRN project, with the floor that RDS occupies redeveloped to create a new space for RDS operations together with development of a business continuity and training site specifically for Ambulance and Fire.

The site also provides a space for the invaluable training of other agencies involved in the TasGRN project such as SES, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Hydro, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and Tas Networks.

State of the art, ultra-wide screen monitors have been installed in the new centre, which allow for seamless vision of all of the required computer applications associated with taking emergency calls and dispatching units.

The new layout also allows for the emergency call takers, emergency dispatchers and call support operators to work as a team to collectively receive, triage and allocate in a seamless process.

Multiple CCTV traffic cameras across Tasmania are also connected to provide visual information on evolving situations and resource movement. 

I would like to thank all of our hardworking and dedicated emergency services personnel who work around the clock to keep our community safe.

First Female Tasmania Police Deputy Commissioner Appointed

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

First Female Tasmania Police Deputy Commissioner Appointed
13 July  2021

I am delighted to announce that Donna Adams has been appointed Deputy Commissioner of Tasmania Police bringing three decades of leadership experience across all levels of policing.

Ms Adams is the first woman to be appointed to the rank of Deputy Commissioner within Tasmania Police – 104 years after women were first permitted to join the force in Tasmania.

After starting as a constable, her most recent roles include Deputy Secretary of DPFEM and Assistant Commissioner of Police.

With a Masters of Policing and 34-years’ experience in policing, I am confident Ms Adams will make a valuable contribution to keeping Tasmanians safe in the new role.

Donna has been acting in the role of Deputy Commissioner for the last few months and will formally commence on 23 July after the retirement of Deputy Commissioner Scott Tilyard.

Tasman National Park upgrades improve visitor experience

Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Parks

Tasman National Park upgrades improve visitor experience 

5 July 2021

The visitor experience at Tasman National Park has been enhanced with several projects and upgrades now complete, providing a world-class experience at one of the state’s most picturesque tourist destinations. 
In response to growing numbers of Tasmanians holidaying at home along with interstate tourists, upgrades to car parking, boat launching facilities, and the viewing platform at Maingon Bay were undertaken.
The facilities have been designed to provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the peninsula, while ensuring the natural environment of the National Park is protected for generations to come.
Just a short distance from Hobart, we know the Tasman National Park is a popular destination for those wishing to see the spectacular rock formations, to take on the multi-day Three Capes Track or shorter walks to Cape Hauy, Crescent Bay, Mt Brown, Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff.
The area is also a popular location for boating enthusiasts, which is why we recently upgraded boat and trailer parking at Pirates Bay, along with widening the access road to the boat ramp.
Other recent works on the Tasman Peninsula include:

  • Improvements to the staircase to the viewing platform at Remarkable Cave;
  • New walking tracks to Crescent Bay and Mount Brown including a new coastal viewing area at Maingon Blowhole and longer walks to Crescent Bay, Crescent Bay lookout and Mount Brown;
  • The re-development of the Stormlea Road carpark which included 50 additional vehicle spaces, a new toilet block, track head infrastructure and track improvements to both the Shipstern Bluff and Cape Raoul walking tracks; and
  • A new larger capacity carpark at Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen, with a new toilet facility to be completed later this year.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government will also invest in coming years a further $1.5 million into the Tasman National Park to deliver new viewing platforms and lookouts showcasing the Tasman Arch geological features and improved visitor information and accessibility.

New Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management 

New Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service

1 July 2021

Following an extensive recruitment process, I am pleased to announce that Mr Dermot Barry has been appointed as the new Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service and will commence on 2 August this year.

Mr Barry brings more than 35 years of emergency management experience in operation and senior executive roles, most recently as the Deputy Chief Officer of the South Australian State Emergency Service.

Before that, Mr Barry was Managing Director of Worldwide Public Safety at Microsoft in the USA; he practised as a Barrister/Solicitor at an Adelaide law firm and has almost 20 years of experience as a professional firefighter with South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service, where he achieved the rank of Assistant Chief Fire Officer.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government has a plan to keep Tasmanians safe, and I am confident Mr Barry will continue this important work as he takes on the new role.

Securing the future of our National Parks and reserves

Minister for Parks

Securing the future of our National Parks and reserves

Wednesday, 30 June

The Tasmanian Liberal Government understands that our National Parks and reserves support many tourism and other businesses throughout the state, particularly in our regional areas.

That’s why we laid out a clear plan to build on our successful and strong track record of ensuring that our national parks support our tourism industry and drive our regional economies at the recent 2021 election.

We will invest almost $42 million to future proof our world-renowned National Parks and reserves, through our Parks Powering Regional Economies policy.

This includes:

  • $3 million for the re-development of the Hastings Thermal Pool site;
  • $3 million package of upgrades to the Cockle Creek campgrounds;
  • $1.8 million towards the delivery of a Mt Field National Park Master Plan and a new entry concourse for the National Park;
  • $1.7 million into upgrading day use facilities on Bruny Island, road access and parking at the popular Cape Bruny site in the South Bruny National Park;
  • $600,000 to deliver Stage 2 of the trail to Horsetail Falls at Queenstown which will add to the short walk offerings in this area;
  • $2.75 million for the far North-West, in the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area, to re-develop the ‘Edge of the World’ experience;
  • $14 million in additional funding to fund the development of a new Visitor Gateway at the Freycinet National Park. The Gateway will include a new, modern transport hub with a shuttle bus to the Wineglass Bay car park, and we will also redesign the road to alleviate congestion on Freycinet Drive, and reduce the impact on residents;
  • $6.8 million for Stage 3 of the Maria Island Re-discovered Project, and at the Tasman National Park we will provide $1.5 million to undertake further upgrades of the Remarkable Caves, Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen site – including the installation of a suspension bridge across the Devils Kitchen chasm;
  • $900,000 investment into a range of Parks assets on Flinders Island to deliver improvements to infrastructure at Trousers Point beach – as well as campsites and RV facilities;
  • $2.8 million to unlock the potential of the Ben Lomond National Park by undertaking crucial planning to guide future development – identifying priority infrastructure crucial in the development of the site, and investing in the highest priority assets;
  • $2.8 million to replace the boardwalk at the much-loved Tamar Island Wetland Centre.

Our 2021 election commitments build on the existing pipeline of capital works in our National Parks and Reserves, and take our total investment to over $122 million since 2018.

These investments demonstrate the critical value that we place in our parks and their contribution to the Tasmanian economy and our way of life.

We will continue to ensure that our special natural places are protected and presented in ways that allow all people to enjoy the natural and cultural values they contain.

Keeping Tasmanians Safe

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Keeping Tasmanians Safe

Thursday, 24 June 2021

The Tasmanian Liberal Government has hit the ground running on delivering our Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future, which will keep Tasmanians safe from crime and reduce the risk of bushfires in our communities. 

I have been privileged to visit our dedicated emergency service workers over the past month and see firsthand the incredible work they do in protecting and serving Tasmanians.

This includes attending the graduation of 30 new firefighters, who will help deliver our $18 million Ensuring Bushfire Safe Communities and Supporting our Volunteers election policy.

We are also investing:

  • $2.5 million in additional funding towards our successful “Red Hot Tips” program to support farmers and landholders conducting burn-offs; 
  • $2.5 million in additional funding towards our nation-leading Fuel Reduction Program, which stalled under Labor and the Greens putting Tasmanians and their homes at risk;
  • $3 million for our Health and Wellbeing Program to ensure all our emergency service personnel and volunteers receive the support they require; 
  • $250,000 to kit out volunteer fire trucks with new-generation defibrillators;
  • $2 million to advance the roll-out of new and enhanced mission-critical equipment for volunteer fire brigades;
  • $500,000 per year over four years to extend our grants program for fire and emergency services volunteers for equipment, amenity and facility improvements. 

As the new Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, I have also had the pleasure of visiting our Police at their facilities to hear firsthand about the challenging and confronting situations they are faced with daily. 

Their dedication and commitment to keeping Tasmanians safe is why we are investing $43.3 million through our Investing in More Police and Safer Communities policy. 

The policy includes the staged recruitment of another 50 police officers, which once complete, will see the recruitment of 308 new police officers since 2014, with this month alone 44 new police officers joining the frontline.

Our other investments include:

  • $2.4 million to extend Tasmania’s electronic monitoring of family violence perpetrators, after the successful trial that showed an 82 per cent decrease in high-risk family violence incidents, and 100 per cent decrease in stalking, providing extra safety and comfort to victim-survivors;
  • $7.5 million to build a new police station at St Helens, and $12.5 million to upgrade the Bridgewater Police Station; on top of the $22 million for new stations in Longford, New Norfolk and Sorell.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is the strongest supporter of Tasmania’s fantastic emergency responders, who do an incredible and unceasing job in the face of extreme and challenging circumstances.

On behalf of the Tasmanian community, I thank each and every one of them for the work they do.

Tenders called for four-lane section of East Derwent Highway

Tenders called for four-lane section of
East Derwent Highway

30 September 2020

Tenders have been called to duplicate the East Derwent Highway, between Golf Links Road and Sugarloaf Road in Geilston Bay.

The road will be upgraded to two lanes in each direction to match the adjoining sections of the highway and create a consistent dual carriageway through Geilston Bay.

This project will improve safety and travel time reliability for commuters and visitors.

The project is partially funded through the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s additional $40 million commitment to road and bridge funding, under our COVID-19 economic stimulus package.

Measures such as concrete raised central median and safety barrier will help reduce the risk of accidents and improve safety.

Importantly, further safety and traffic flow improvements will be made at key intersection and access points. New traffic lights will be installed at the upgraded intersection at Clinton Road and Dumbarton Drive (Geilston Bay Road) and safer access off the highway will be provided to Lindisfarne North Primary School and Geilston Bay Recreation Area.

Facilities for pedestrians and cyclists will be improved with an off-road shared path and on-road cycling lanes.

Investing in a healthier Tasmania

Minister for Sport and Recreation

Investing in a healthier Tasmania

Monday, 1 July 2019

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to ensuring more Tasmanians can play sport and take part in active recreation activities to support our target of having the healthiest population in the nation by 2025.

The Government is maintaining the momentum, while investing for growth in our communities by encouraging more people to participate in sport and recreation by providing grants from $15,000 to $80,000.

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