Minister for Human Services
Child Protection Implementation Plan Released
09 June 2016

The Hodgman Liberal Government has made an across Government investment of $20 million in the State Budget over the next four years to implement the critical redesign of Tasmania’s child protection system.

With the state budget back on track, the Liberal Government has been able to reinvest the dividends into essential services, such as protecting the most vulnerable people in our state.

Today I am pleased to release the Strong Families-Safe Kids Implementation Plan, which outlines the actions we are taking to ensure Tasmania’s vulnerable children and young people are safe and protected.

This Plan provides a foundation for the future, ensuring that our children and young people are protected from harm, and families are supported to provide the best nurturing environment for their children.

This Plan reinforces that the protection of children is not the sole domain of Child Protection but rather is a critical role for all of us.

As such it provides a blue print for an all of Government, all of service system and whole of community approach, to improve the lives of Tasmania’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Five key strategies are articulated in the Implementation Plan, along with 30 actions that address all of the 29 recommendations in the Redesign of Child Protection Services Tasmania, Strong Families – Safe Kids Final Report , that together form the architecture of the redesign of the child protection system.

  • Strategy 1: Placing the wellbeing of children at the centre of our services
  • Strategy 2: Building a common, integrated risk assessment and planning system
  • Strategy 3: Creating a single front door
  • Strategy 4: Providing better support for children and their families
  • Strategy 5: Redesigning the Child Protection Service (CPS) with additional support

This Government is dedicated to fixing Tasmania’s broken Child Protection system to guarantee the safety, health and wellbeing of the state’s vulnerable children and young people.

The Implementation Plan is able to be viewed at: