Minister for Parks

Expanding Mole Creek Karst National Park

2 June 2022

It was my pleasure today to table in Parliament the statutory rules to expand the Mole Creek Karst National Park.

The media release from Dr Shane Broad MP accusing the Government of locking up more land, demonstrates that Dr. Broad does not understand the history of his own party or understand his portfolio of resources.

All of this land was already in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA), ultimately as a result of extensions to the TWWHA that happened as a result of the Labor-Green Tasmanian Forests Agreement and was therefore not available for harvesting.

Dr. Broad has been offered a briefing, and I would encourage him to take up this invitation so that he can understand what was agreed to under the former Labor-Green Government.

This Government is delivering on our commitment to reserve this land within the TWWHA, which will see the beautiful Mole Creek Karst National Park expanded through the reservation of an additional 2,850 hectares of land, which again, is already in the TWWHA.

As well, the 22,550 hectares of land in the TWWHA referenced by Dr Broad, will now be formally reserved as either conservation area, or regional reserve in accordance with the assessment of their natural values.

This process has involved significant public announcements, consultation, natural values assessments and a substantial body of work by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania over many years. The Tasmanian Liberal Government will continue to ensure that our special natural places are protected and presented in ways that allow people of all abilities to enjoy the natural and cultural values they contain.