Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Improving the model for returning land to Aboriginal communities

Friday, 28 June 2019

Today’s release of the Consultation and Stakeholder Feedback Report: Improving the model for returning land to Aboriginal communities, is another step forward on the road to reconciliation with Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

We want to see more land returned to Tasmanian Aboriginal people and reviewing the model for returning land is the first step in this process and a crucial part of the Hodgman Liberal Government’s Reset Agenda.

More than 150 submissions were received on the initial discussion paper that examined the opportunities for, and barriers to, returning land under the existing land return model.

The responses and comments of this initial consultation process as summarised in the Consultation and Stakeholder Feedback Report will now inform a Draft Report making recommendations to improve the model for returning land.

A second and more targeted consultation period will then occur with Aboriginal communities and other stakeholders before final recommendations are provided to Government for consideration.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to ensuring all Tasmanians benefit from a growing economy, and as part of the review process, the economic empowerment of Tasmanian Aboriginal people will also be considered in regards to joint land management and return of land.

The Government has a genuine desire to make a positive difference – a true difference that recognises over 40,000 years of Aboriginal heritage and culture, and one that points to a brighter future for Aboriginal Tasmanians.

The Consultation and Stakeholder Feedback Report can be viewed at: