lla Purdon

Notice of Motion – Parliament of Tasmania

June 2018

Hon Jacquie Petrusma [Minister for Aboriginal Affairs] to move – That the House notes:-

  • Expresses our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community and the family and friends of the late Ila Purdon, known in the community as Aunty Girlie;

  • Notes that Aunty Girlie was born on the Cape Barren Island Reserve in 1921 and spent most of her childhood on Flinders Island with her siblings and parents, before moving to Hobart with her family, where she raised her children to be proud of their Aboriginality and was always deeply committed to her community, cultural practices, and heritage;


  • Recognises that following the passing of her sister Aunty Ida West, Aunty Girlie became the Monarch of the Aboriginal community, having been a passionate strong advocate over many decades for Aboriginal rights and serving in various advisory capacities to the Tasmanian Government. Aunty Girlie was an active member of the Aboriginal community both through her membership and personal commitments; and


  • Acknowledges the positive influence and sense of pride that Aunty Girlie had on her family and the Aboriginal community through her tireless work. Aunty Girlie positively impacted and touched so many lives and Tasmania is all the richer. Vale Aunty Girlie.

(12 June 2018)