Notice of Motion – OurWatch Launch of New Youth Campaign
Minister for Women, the Hon Jacquie Petrusma MP
27 October, 2015

Madam Speaker, I give notice that on tomorrow I shall move that this House notes that:

  1.  Our Watch research has found that 1 in 4 young people aged 12 to 24 hold attitudes that put them at risk of perpetrating, excusing or tolerating violence against women and girls.
  2. As Our Watch CEO Paul Linossier said, “these young people are comfortable with coercive and disrespectful behaviours, are more likely to justify violence, and believe that being masculine means exerting power and control over their partners. For example, these young people are more likely to keep, post, share and distribute nude photos of their ex-partner after a break-up. I in 4 say they would show the photos to their mates, and 15% say they would send the photos to the girl’s parents.”
  3. These troubling statistics have prompted Our Watch to launch a new national campaign, ‘You can’t undo violence’, to challenge young people’s attitudes about violence against women and girls. The campaign is part of The Line, a national initiative that encourages young people to reject violence, and develop healthy, respectful and equal relationships.
  4. Our Watch has found that one of the best chances to change these worrying attitudes is to engage young people when they are having their first relationships. The campaign sends the message that there is no excuse for violence. It defines what behaviours cross the line and shows that violence takes many forms: physical violence; sexual violence, emotional abuse, shaming and bullying, and controlling behaviour.
  5. Luke Ablett, former Sydney Swans player and Ambassador for The Line, said that too many people think to be a ‘man’ means being violent, and that young people’s attitudes reflect the messages they get from family, peers, popular culture and society more broadly. “Boys and girls, men and women, need positive, strong role models who challenge these outdated ideas of gender and promote more equal relationships between males and females.”
  6. The campaign encourages young people, parents and role models to visit The Line’s website to find out about the facts, myths, types and impacts of violence; and how they can take action to reject violence. Most importantly, if someone has crossed the line, there is support available so people can choose not to do it again.
  7. The Hodgman Liberal Government were very pleased to commit $88,000 in the 15-16 State Budget to joining Our Watch, and we are already working with the organisation on the delivery of The Line, and as a member of Our Watch, to have access to more resources and awareness-raising opportunities into the future.