Refugee Week 2018

Notice of Motion – Parliament of Tasmania

June 2018

Hon Jacquie Petrusma [Member for Franklin] to move – That the House notes:-

  • Acknowledges that the 18th – 24th June is Refugee Week 2018, with the 20th June World Refugee Day – a day to recognise the importance of Tasmania’s diverse multicultural community;

  • Notes that as part of this years theme #withrefugees, the Tasmanian Government’s many programs and initiatives to support refugees and new arrivals, including our Welcome Settlement Package which provides on-island support for new refugee arrivals so they too can benefit from Tasmania’s growing prosperity and enjoy a better life;


  • Acknowledges the important role community organisations have in advocating for and supporting members of our multicultural community, and the good work they do each and every day in ensuring refugees can access the supports and services they need to start a new life; and


  • Thanks refugees and new arrivals for the many benefits they bring to Tasmania, in making Tasmania a more culturally informative, dynamic, diverse and vibrant State.


(20 June 2018)