Volunteers help preserve Maria Island convict buildings

Minister for Parks

Volunteers help preserve Maria Island convict buildings

12 October 2021

The Tasmanian Government highly values our built heritage and appreciates the hard work of volunteers and Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife staff in maintaining these buildings.

In a joint effort, volunteers worked alongside PWS staff within the Darlington precinct on Maria Island National Park to limewash the 1825-1850s buildings as part of ongoing maintenance work.

Limewash is often used as a decorative finish and is the basis of mortars, plasters and renders for older buildings in Tasmania. Specific directions on limewash and lime slaking were followed by the group.

Maria Island National Park is a special place for Tasmanians and visitors alike, with the location having the unique combination of nature and history.

The contributions from PWS volunteers at Maria Island National Park and across our parks and reserves in Tasmania provides assistance in the protection and conservation of our National Parks.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff who were involved in this five-day effort to ensure these beautiful historic buildings are maintained for visitors to explore.

I encourage visitors and Tasmanians to visit Maria Island National Park and be sure to visit the newly transformed convict buildings while you are there.

For more information about Maria Island National Park visit the PWS website:  https://parks.tas.gov.au/explore-our-parks/maria-island-national-park