Protecting the Outstanding Universal Value of the TWWHA

Minister for Parks

Protecting the Outstanding Universal Value of the TWWHA

9 September 2021

The Tasmanian Liberal Government remains committed to the effective management and protection of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA), which is recognised through the World Heritage Convention as having both cultural and natural heritage of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV). 

It is my pleasure to announce two important initiatives that the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment will be releasing to assist in delivering protection of the Outstanding Universal Value of the TWWHA.

The initiatives are:

  • TWWHA Natural Values Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: 2021 – 2031; and
  • TWWHA Biosecurity Strategy: 2021- 2031

The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has finalised the Natural Values Climate Change Adaptation Strategy which aims to manage risk by planning for the potential impact of heatwaves, seasonality of weather variables, coastal erosion and extreme weather events.

In addition to the Natural Values Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, I am also pleased to announce the Government’s delivery of a biosecurity strategy to protect the TWWHA by reducing the risk of invasive organisms.

The PWS TWWHA Biosecurity Strategy 2021-2031 identifies seven goals to address biosecurity risks within the TWWHA. This Strategy aims to minimise these risks through effective leadership, planning, communication, documentation, training, education, research, compliance, co-ordination, and emergency response.

These initiatives are designed to accompany the TWWHA Management Plan to support and guide the management of the TWWHA.

These two strategies are now available to view on the DPIPWE website, and I would like to thank all those who have provided expertise and insights during the stakeholder engagement and public consultation processes.

Feedback sought on Cockle Creek campground upgrades

Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Parks

Feedback sought on Cockle Creek campground upgrades

14 August 2021

Tasmanians are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed upgrades to the Catamaran and Ramsgate campgrounds at Cockle Creek in the Southwest National Park as part of a $3 million project from the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s ‘Parks Powering Regional Economies’ election commitment.

We know that visitors love camping at Cockle Creek due to its tranquil coves, sandy beaches and distant mountain peaks. These plans will ensure the campgrounds are maintained and preserved for generations to come.

These commitments support the sustainable management of the precinct’s cultural values, as well as tourism and recreational experiences at the southern-most gateway to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) and the Southwest National Park.

Consultation on the proposed upgrades include:

  • Managing the campground and day use areas more sustainably to protect the natural and cultural values;
  • Relocating the roads behind the camping areas to increase the overall amenity and reduce the safety risk issues of crossing roads to reach the foreshore;
  • Minimising vehicle entry points, internal vehicle access tracks and parking to improve safety and to maximise camping space; and
  • Providing for a better mix of camping style opportunities to cater for differing needs.

Other proposed projects at the site include upgraded toilets along with improved drainage and access to boat ramps and boat launching sites.

The Cockle Creek Precinct Site Plan  was released for public comment in September 2018, with Stage One delivering a new gateway shelter, increased car parking and upgraded toilets, completed in 2020.

To view the draft plans and provide feedback on this stage of the Cockle Creek Campground Upgrades Project, visit the PWS website at

The feedback period closes on Monday 13 September.