Minister for Women

Tasmania leading in closing gender pay gap

Thursday, 29 November 2018


Tasmania is an even more inclusive State, and in many areas we are leading the nation in inclusiveness.

The Hodgman Majority Liberal Government is committed to creating a more inclusive Tasmania that empowers and enables women and girls to fully participate in our economic, social, political and community life.

In the Government’s ongoing effort to boost the role women play in our community, we have today released the 2018 Women and Girls in Tasmania Fact Sheets.

Some highlights in the 2018 Women and Girls in Tasmania Fact Sheets are:

  • At 9.7 per cent, Tasmania has the lowest gender pay gap in Australia;
  • Tasmania is the first Australian state to have a female majority Parliament, with women making up 52 per cent of the House of Assembly;
  • The number of reported sexual assaults in Tasmania is decreasing, down 26 per cent from 2016-17;
  • Tasmanian females are more likely to enrol in a university degree than males (64.9 per cent) and more likely to complete their degree (62.5 per cent) than males.

These Fact Sheets, which are published every two years, include data from a wide range of recently available published and unpublished sources and can be used by government, non-government and private sectors to inform policy development and service delivery, and will serve to inform an evidence base for the development of policies, programs and services.

Importantly, the Fact Sheets will help us measure change during the coming years and assess our progress in achieving equality for women and girls in Tasmania.

The 2018 Women and Girls in Tasmania Fact Sheets address the priority areas identified in the Tasmanian Women’s Strategy 2018-2021: Financial Security, Leadership and Participation, Safety, Health and Wellbeing.

The Hodgman Majority Liberal Government will continue to build on the achievements highlighted today to take the participation of women and girls in Tasmania to the next level.

The Fact Sheets are available here: